Excerpt from Chapter 15 – “PERSIAN EMPIRE?”

Published June 18, 2018

“Great meal. Good shopping. I would have used a caterer, but I didn’t want to
make our meeting known to the public. Anything we missed this morning?”

“Dr. Ash,” said Beckworth. “I want to hear more of your ideas. Expand on
the threats we are facing. You must have some tentative conclusions.”

Cash looked intently at Beckworth. Then he said, “Nine-eleven gave
our leaders the excuse to pursue the wars they already wanted to start. We
have unleashed turmoil on the Middle East.

“We have been an inadvertent supporter of Iran’s foreign policy objectives.
We decimated the ruling Sunnis in Iraq and destabilized the Iraqi society.
Out of the killings and chaos, a Shiite government emerged. Iran is delighted.
We have converted Iran’s Iraqi enemy into a Shiite satellite of Iran.