Excerpt from Chapter 12 – “THE PAST”

Published June 9, 2018

Cash’s emotions were in turmoil. He stood, arms folded, his back to the
group, looking at the pines rising into the mountains. Clouds wafted across
the peaks.

“Bathroom break over. We’re ready, Dr. Ash,” said Chuck.

Turning around, with an anguished expression on his face, Cash said,
“Chuck, if it hadn’t been for your alertness and Rambo’s bravery, I would
probably be dead. I thank both of you. You saved my life.”

Rambo saluted, nodding slightly. Chuck mimicked Rambo’s salute.
“Look, guys. Turning around Lone Pine Technologies is the main event.
The Lockerbie mystery is a diversion because of my obsession with it.

“This mystery is my personal battle. My life is becoming more and
more at risk—more dangerous. Three times in the last two years someone
has tried to kill me.