Excerpt from Chapter 8 – “RAMBO”

Published May 28, 2018

A mile behind Cash, Otto held the steering wheel of the Magnum casually
in one hand, rolling his shoulders and munching on peanuts. With six-hundred
horsepower and armor plating, his Magnum far outgunned and outweighed
the old Buick relic.

Dr. Cameron Ash was a dead man driving.

Otto was biding his time, waiting for Cash to drive by the hundredfoot
drop-off on the right of the road. This wasn’t going to be the challenge
he had hoped for. Otto would simply accelerate and push the Buick over the
cliff, like sweeping a crumb off a table.

By the time the Buick was discovered at the bottom of the ravine, Otto
would already be driving through Nebraska on the way to a new assignment
in Ohio.