Excerpt from Chapter 7 – “CASH”

Published May 25, 2018

Cash began in Lone Pine like a wrecking ball. The day before, in an evening
board meeting, Sonny Packard, the chairman of the board, had expected to
get approval to sell Lone Pine Technologies.

To Sonny’s great surprise, Packard attended his first board meeting in
five years, wheeled in by Jeanette, his caretaker. Also, to Sonny’s surprise,
Cash was there.

Randolph’s sister had helped finance the startup of the company over
thirty years before. She was a board member, but hadn’t attended since she
had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, three years ago. Sonny had driven
her to this meeting, intending to manipulate her to vote for his move to sell
the company, thus delivering the deciding vote to a split board.

However, she recognized her brother and followed his lead. The
board opposed the sale to Airparts Corporation and hired Cash as president
of the company.

Sonny left the meeting, planning revenge.