Excerpt from Chapter 6 – “CASH”

Published May 22, 2018

Cash was returning to the home of Randolph Packard at the end of his first
day as president of Lone Pine Technologies. He felt a sense of peace.

He was driving aggressively, as Spanish had taught him, half his mind
on the driving and half on the speech he had given a few hours before to the
four hundred employees. He had made it clear that changes were coming,
which they could either support, or choose to leave the company.

The antique Buick screamed in pain, swaying and skidding around
bends and wallowing over bumps like a boat in high waves. The old headlights
barely penetrated the black Colorado night, with its wisps of fog.
Rays of moonlight angled through the darkness.

He eased up on the accelerator, the Buick almost giving a sigh of relief.
This is foolish, thought Cash. This isn’t my Lexus. I’m alone on a two-lane highway, in the middle of nowhere, on a black night with no other car lights within ten miles.