Excerpt from Chapter 4 – “PIERRE”

Published May 16, 2018

Turk’s custom-built private jet soared smoothly above the Indian Ocean
toward Singapore. His friend, Pierre, was seriously troubled, holding the
Asian Wall Street Journal out in front of him, but not seeing it.

The two of them were part of an investment group, bringing technology
to the Middle East. Pierre’s main office was being moved from Beirut
to Singapore because of the turmoil in Lebanon and Syria.

Pierre Maroun, a Lebanese banker, was the chairman of the group.
Turk, a fabulously wealthy businessman from Turkey, and a close friend
and colleague of Pierre, served as vice chairman.

Moishe from Israel, Fayez from Jordan, and Omar the Syrian made up
the remainder of the group. Omar was in Syria, helping his government.
Moishe and Fayez were coming next week to Singapore.