Excerpt from Chapter 3 – “CHUCK”

Published May 13, 2018

“Are you relaxing?” asked Carolyn.

Laughing, Chuck said, “I was, until my superspy wife went into action.
That man is targeting Dr. Ash. He is like a ghost.”

“I know what you do for Dr. Ash, you can’t discuss. But I’m interested.
Did Dr. Ash give you a special project?”

“I don’t want to give you something to worry about.”

“Are you kidding? After what you did in the Rangers? I sat at home
while you went all over the world, parachuting into countries where people
wanted to kill you. Kill or be killed. Or sneaking behind enemy lines to set
up explosives or assassinate or kidnap someone. Or save someone.

“Worry is a part of being married to you. What are you researching on
the internet? I’ll worry less if I help.”