Excerpt from Chapter 2 – “THE IRANIAN GENERALS”

Published May 10, 2018

Eight hours earlier in Tehran, General Karazi received a cryptic order from
his boss, Mohammed Ali Jafari, the top general of the Revolutionary Guard,
to meet in five hours in Bandar Abbas in southern Iran. This was an unusual

As Karazi’s military jet landed in Bandar Abbas, a message came from
Jafari to meet on Jafari’s private plane at the end of the runway.

In less than hour, they flew across the Persian Gulf, landed at a remote
spot in the Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the
world, and then departed from the airport in a chauffeured limousine.

General Jafari turned to Karazi and said tersely, “We are going to an
important meeting. You are to speak only when asked to do so, and then
honestly, calmly, and very diplomatically. Be careful. I have plans for you.